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2 Reasons To Change Your Filter Before Winter

2 Reasons To Change Your Filter Before Winter

As we start getting ready for the fall and winter this year, there are a couple of things we should be considering to help us prepare. Some simple preparations can save time, money, and headache this winter. 

A couple things happen over the summer, and during the fall when the HVAC system isn't working so hard. The first is that we forget to change the filters, or clean them out, if we have washable ones. The second is that dust starts to settle on the heating element of our heater. The heating element is a couple of plates of metal or ceramic that are heated, and that heat is transferred to the air as it passes over the heating element. When dust is allowed to build up on that element, air cannot cool the element as it was designed to do. That burning smell you may notice when you first turn your heater on in the winter? It's dust that is burning off. If there is enough dust, and the element can't cool properly, the element will crack. This can cause fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and several other life-threatening problems. It can also mean a possible replacement of your HVAC system which can run upto $6000 or more. 

Changing or cleaning your filter, and using good air filters is the best way to minimize this problem. Having a professional heating company tune your system will also help to prevent that issue. Having your ducts cleaned can also help alleviate this potential problem. 

Changing or cleaning the filters (I say cleaning because the filters I prefer are washable. They cost more in the beginning, but will more than pay for themselves in the long run. If you are interested in purchasing a filter, visit our store) also helps keep the air in your home clean and fresh. During the summers here in the Treasure Valley, we spend a lot of time outside, and are not as affected by indoor air pollution. During the winter, however, we spend a lot more time indoors. This leads to more pollution (most dust is skin, and the more time inside, the more skin is inside...). Germs also spread like wildfire, and so keeping the filters clean will help overall health.

It is a simple thing, but keeping your filters clean and fresh can add up to a lot of savings of time, money, and health. If you need help cleaning them, finding them, or getting those ducts cleaned out, please give us a call! We are happy to help in any way we can!

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